How to Make a Brochure Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft word already has a template prepared for you to make a brochure. All you have to do is cut and paste your own text into the brochure and print it!

(1) To access this template, go to FILE and select NEW on the top of the screen, as shown:

(2) A menu like this will pop up:

Double click on BROCHURE, or click on BROCHURE once and click OK.

(3) The template will be on your screen. It is already filled with words (garbage mostly). All you have to do its cut those words out and paste with your own

(4) You have to be aware on how WORD orients the brochure on the screen versus what you actually see when you print it out. Remember, brochures are double sided. Therefore, the template has a totoal of 2 pages (you have to scroll down for the 2nd page):

When you print you would have to print the first page first, then slide that same paper back into your printer to print the 2nd page to get the double sided effect. You should play around with this with what you have on the template so that you know how to print out your final copy. You should do this to know how to orient the paper correctly - play around to familize yourself with it!

(5) You can cut and paste photos on this brochure too. If you want, you can email me the brochure (ONLY IF YOU WORKING WITH WORD!) so that I can print your brochures in color ink!